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pet arthritis. Keyword Search Term pet arthritis. Glucosamine Sulfate / Glucosamine Sulphate with Glucosamine HCL & MSM - pet arthritis

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This site provides information about liquid glucosamine sulfate / sulphate and chondroitin with MSM.


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If you've found your way to this Web site, you probably know all about the benefits of Glucosamine. Maybe you even know why liquid glucosamine is such a great choice. Let's quickly review the benefits, though, and why so many people are using glucosamine today.


Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate, a substance that is often combined with Glucosamine - and is present in TherapyMall's Joint Care - are naturally occurring substances in mammal's bodies. In us, and in our pets. Our bodies use these substances to build and repair the cartilage in our joints.


Over the years we've learned, through many scientific studies and through the use of Glucosamine and Chondroitin by millions of people, that taking these substances orally can help people with joint problems, most significantly people with osteoarthritis. These substances can relieve joint pain, and can actually help rebuild cartilage and slow the progression of osteoarthritis. Anecdotal evidence from millions of users, reporting pain relief and the ability to take part in activities formerly too painful or difficult - playing golf, for instance, or hiking - has been followed by scientific studies that show this is for real. Glucosamine and Chondroitin really do make a difference. 


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Glucosamine and Chondroitin are naturally present in the human body and contribute to the formation of proteoglycans, essential in normal cartilage. In osteoarthritis and joint damage caused by everyday wear and tear, articular cartilage degenerates and thins, reducing its ability to resist the forces of everyday activity. Research has shown that oral supplementation of proteoglycan precursors leads to articular cartilage repair. This results in significant reductions in pain and stiffness, better than or equal to ibuprofen (NSAID). There is also evidence that Glucosamine maintains an individual's joint space increasing function and flexibility.

Why Glucosamine Now? Why Not Sooner?

Glucosamine has been popular in Europe for years, but it's only recently that its popularity has grown in the U.S. If Glucosamine really works so well, people sometimes ask, why is it only now that Americans are finding out about it? If it's "for real" why didn't we hear sooner?


Glucosamine is a natural substance, so it cannot be patented. But the medical community in the United States has traditionally been very skeptical of "nutriceuticals" - nutritional products that are used for medicinal purposes. While many natural substances have been in wide use in Europe for a long time - Ginko Biloba is another example - the U.S. medical community has held back from recommending them. To a great degree this is because we have a very different type of medical system, a private system in which the drug companies have a great deal of influence over the information that doctors see. They spend billions of dollars each year promoting their drugs, and as products such as Glucosamine are of no use to them - they can't make money from them - then the voices promoting these nutriceuticals are drowned out by drug-company advertising and promotions.


The national-health systems of Europe afford the drug companies less influence, and also have a greater emphasis on cost reduction. Thus an affordable, effective natural treatment is more likely to gain a foothold in Europe.

Sure, America has only recently learned of the benefits of glucosamine. But the scientific studies show that those benefits are real.

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pet arthritis. Keyword Search Term pet arthritis. Glucosamine Sulfate / Glucosamine Sulphate with Glucosamine HCL & MSM - pet arthritis